This is a typical page in my journal!

This week I thought I would share something non tech-oriented but that has certainly helped me along with my danish learning the last couple of months! Alongside my Duolingo lessons, I have also kept a small book with me that jot down any rules, vocabulary etc. as I go. This has been really helpful for me to refer back to as I go along or when I go back to do a review lesson. As much as Duolingo does build on itself, there is a lot to remember and having a reference to look and catalogue my learning has been incredibly helpful!

For those of you who have been following along, you will know that I have been loving many of the features of Duolingo! My one complaint has been that you end up figuring out some of the grammatical rules on your own.  Rather than outlining the rules they are taught through examples. That is where having this book to record as I go and note the trends I see is really helpful! In doing this it does help for sure that I have learnt french before, so I am familiar with the language learning process. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend accompanying any language learning with some form of journal or notebook!

Furthermore as I move forward beyond this inquiry project and perhaps beyond Duolingo as I progress, I hope this book will prove to be a valuable resource for myself in my danish learning journey!