As we approach the end of the semester, I thought I would do a summary post of my danish accomplishments thus far! In looking back on my first few inquiry posts, I certainly have made some progress in the world of the danish language, but have plenty more still to learn. The reality is that this semester has left less time to do things outside of school than I had initially predicted, but nonetheless I have managed to integrate this new language routine into my life. I am proud of my ability to have stuck with my language learning and I am happy to have developed a habit that I plan to keep up in the future.

I have created a summary document on Canva sharing my danish learning journey throughout this semester!

As I reflect back on this inquiry project, I will admit I was bit skeptical of how it would all pan out at the start! Being someone who really appreciates structure, I found the lack of scaffolding a bit paralyzing at first, but it forced me develop my own. Through the use of Trello as well as my own handwritten lists upon lists and a well organized planner, I was able to plan out and develop my own structure for the project. As a future teacher, this experience has given me insight into what an inquiry project might feel like for students. On one hand the freedom is liberating and exciting, and on the other it also is a bit overwhelming!

I am grateful that this class gave me a justified reason to set time aside to learn something I am passionate about. I can say without a doubt, that had I not had the accountability of this inquiry project, I would not have started learning danish again this semester. What I have discovered though is that even 5 minutes a day is progress and as cheesy as it sounds, it really has fed a part of my soul that I would otherwise have neglected. Perhaps that is the real advantage of an inquiry project! Moving forward, I plan to keep up my danish learning! I am still a ways away from where I would like to get with the language but I have definitely made some progress and look forward to improving! In the near future I am looking forward to spending a Danish Christmas with my family, partaking in all of the danish traditions over the holidays, and maybe even muttering a few words of Danish along the way!

Farvel og glaedelig jul!