Much to my surprise, I have had two video assignments to complete for my classes this semester. Having never really attempted any form of video making, I was a little intimidated but thankfully iMovie didn’t prove too hard to use! Thanks to the UVIC Digital Commons workshop resources, I was also able to get a quick run down on the basics of iMovie!

The first video I made was a “Who am I” video for my Multiliteracies class. For this video I did a voiceover recording narrating my story of becoming a teacher candidate overtop of a photo slideshow style movie. I was able to also edit a few of my photos as well to fit my video better. Overall once I got going iMovie proved pretty easy to use to complete this! You can check out my video in the About Me section of my blog!

The other video I was tasked to create was a science demonstration video for my science teachable area class! Admittedly this video was a bit harder to do as I am not the most comfortable in front of a camera and I also had to do a bit more editing to ensure it flowed well and met the time requirements. I was happy to have had already made my “Who am I” video as it allowed me to progress well to working in iMovie with this format of video.

As you will see in the video I am doing a demonstration of how pollution behaves in water and what this might mean for detecting pollutants. Typically, this assignment would have been presented in person to my peers however due to Covid-19 we all submitted videos instead. All in all it has been great to have a video curation of both my own and my peers assignments as there are a lot of cool demonstrations that we collectively can all potentially use in our own classrooms moving forward.